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Guiding Wheel Publishing Time:2018-09-26 08:01
  The body of Yehong guiding wheel is made of high-quality cast steel and alloy material and is subjected to strict flaw detection, effectively avoiding the casting defects of the finished product and improving the strength of the body of the wheel. Combined with the patented surface heat treatment process, the hardened part of the working surface of the wheel is deepened to ensure its wear resistance.
  The large-diameter, high-density axle effectively reduces the heat generated during the operation of the guiding wheel and has great anti-wear property.
  The inner copper layer of the axle bushing is even and thick, which has high wear resistance and can quickly dissipates heat.
  In order to cope with the different needs of the customers in the Chinese market for the quality of the chassis parts, Yehong has introduced an economical guiding wheel on the basis of the original high-end guiding wheel to reduce the procurement cost of the customer.