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Bucket Tooth Publishing Time:2018-09-26 07:59
  Bucket tooth are important wear parts. During the excavation operation, the bucket tooth are directly in contact with ore, sand and other materials, and bear great impact and bending deformation, which requires high strength and wear resistance.
  The shape of Yehong bucket tooth is professionally designed to meet the Chinese market demands, and the content of wear-resistant alloy elements is high. Combined with the patented heat treatment process, and the wear resistance and impact resistance of Yehong bucket tooth is great and strong.
  In order to cope with the diversified needs of customers in the Chinese market and various working conditions ,Yehong has introduced standard and light bucket tooth to meet the differentiated needs of Chinese customers for the quality of the bucket tooth. The earthwork type, rock type and sharp-toothed type are adaptable to China’s complex working conditions.

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