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Engine Oil Publishing Time:2018-09-19 11:49
  Grade: SAE15W/40CH-4、SAE15W/40CI-4
  Application: diesel engines of excavators, loaders, forklift, bulldozers, etc
  Specification: 4L、20L
  With excellent thermal stability and anti-wear property, the viscosity of Yehong engine oil changes little with temperatures, and the engine oil contains friction modifier of high efficiency to ensure that a reliable oil film is formed on the engine’s friction surface, which can fully lubricate and reduce wear and keep stable engine operation.
  With great capability of cleaning cylinders and other parts, Yehong engine oil can better remove carbon deposits and other impurities, ensuring that the piston is clean and improving working efficiency of the engine.
  With remarkable heat dissipation property, Yehong engine oil disperses the heat generated by the piston along with cooling system, reduces the temperature of the engine, avoids the piston being stuck with cylinder liner, and improves working efficiency of the engine.
  With excellent sealing property, Yehong engine oil forms an effective seal between the piston and the cylinder, preventing the cylinder from leakage and ensuring the effective power output of the engine.