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Excavator Hydraulic Oil Publishing Time:2018-09-19 11:48
  Application: hydraulic equipment of excavators, loaders, bulldozers, etc
  Specification: 20L、200L
  As a power transmission medium of the hydraulic system, and with the best power transmission performance and the best viscosity and fluidity, Yehong excavator hydraulic oil can transmit power to each working device efficiently, ensuring the reliability of the excavator.
  With excellent anti-wear property,Yehong excavator hydraulic oil effectively lubricates hydraulic components with high-speed operation, reduces friction of hydraulic components and the heat generated by it.
  Excellent anti-oxidation stability and thermal stability effectively inhibit foam generation, ensure that hydraulic oil is not easily oxidized or deteriorated under high temperature and high pressure conditions, and reduce internal corrosion of hydraulic components.
  Excellent capability of heat dissipation quickly dissipates the heat generated by the friction of the hydraulic system, effectively maintains the temperature balance of the hydraulic system, and ensures its stable operation.

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