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Oil Filter Publishing Time:2018-09-19 08:13
  When the engine is operating, all parts need sufficient clean oil to lubricate. If the engine oil is contaminated by water or other impurities, then the impurities will enter the engine and accelerate the wear and tear of the internal parts, reduce the engine’s working efficiency, and even lead to serious failures. Yehong oil filter can effectively filter out the sludge generated during the working of the engine, as well as the impurities generated by the deterioration of the oil itself, so as to keep the oil clean, effectively reduce the wear and tear, and ensure the stable operation of the engine.
  Yehong filter is made of high-quality filter materials, which has a large space for gathering impurities and can effectively filter out impurities in the oil.
  The filter paper can effectively avoid leakage under high pressure and high strength.
  The outer casing and bottom of Yehong filter adopts a "double-folding" interlock technology, which achieves good sealing performance and makes it not easy to leak under high pressure and extreme working environment.
  The sealing ring is made of special rubber materials, and it is not easy to be deformed and can maintain excellent performance for a long time.
  Yehong filter has a longer service life, which can reduce the frequency of replacement and save costs for customers.

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